Saturday, October 3, 2009

Masashi Kishimoto "The Author of Naruto"

For you fan of Manga (japanese comics) or Anime (Japanese Cartoon) should ever heard about Naruto. In Indonesia, this comic has been issued for several years. You could also buy this comic in offline and online bookstore. For Naruto TV series, the first TV station which present it was Trans TV (I was in college that time). The Indosiar present Naruto Shippuden but suddenly stop to present it without any certain reason, maybe because Global TV already won the right to present it to Indonesian public which was started on September 23. in Global TV, they re-run from Naruto until Naruto Shippuden. In Japan, Naruto shippuden are still on going, the latest is episode 128.

Naruto already being phenomenon in Japan, US and around the world. Nasuto Manga is still on going and has sold over 100 million copies in Japan and Over 4 million copies were sold in US followed by over 93 million copies worldwide. A masterpiece, I believe that this Story is written by genius artist! The plot, character, everything seems so real and touched. That genius name is Masashi Kishimoto (岸本 斉史, Kishimoto Masashi?). For you all that havent know who's Kishimoto looks like, please refer to picture below^_^

From his face I thought he's about 20'sbut he's actually 35 years old. Wauw.. looks young, isn't? Kishimoto has twin brother named Seishi Kishimoto that also Mangaka (Cartoonist), and also Manga kreator tittled 666 Satan and Blazer Drive. Kishimoto was born in Katsuta (Okayama Perfectur, Japan) 8th November 1974. Kishimoto start to draw since he was early young. While studying in Art College, he create manga titled "Karakuri" in 1995 that won Hot Step Award (Monthly award that given by Shonen Jump for Amateur Cartoonist). After graduate from Art College, Kishimoto working hard to create the next manga "Naruto" which then published in Weekly Shonen Jump in 1999 and become Naruto series which you enjoy now.

If you would like to know the early verse of Naruto, you can see image below:D

In early made of Naruto, Kishimoto would like to make unique character. Naruto's character is influenced by Son Goku (Dragon Ball Series) that energetic and mischievous personality. To compliment Naruto character, Kishimoto create the Cool Genius Uchiha Sasuke. He also create Haruno Sakura character emphasizing "her energy and flirtatious spirit" as her primary characteristics. This three character will be the main character of Naruto series. According to Kishimoto, his favorite character is Sasuke, one character that according to him is quite difficult to draw.

When creating Manga Naruto Settting, ishimoto concentrate to the desain of Konohagakure (leaves village) as main setting of this serial. According to Kishimoto, Konohagakure design was created "pretty spontaneously without much thought", but admits that the scenery is based on his home in Okayama Perfecture. Kishimoto create Konohagakura without explain about specifis time and places in the real world.

Kishimoto Manga as follow:

* Karakuri one-shot (1995, pemenang Hot Step Award )
* Naruto pilot (1997, diterbitkan di Akamaru Jump)
* Karakuri (April 1998 - May 1998, serial di Weekly Shonen Jump)
* Naruto (November 1999 - on going, diterbitkan di Weekly Shonen Jump)

Source : Wikipedia, NarutoHQ


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